Systema Classes - Complete Health & Combat


Highly effective self-defence with profound benefits to health & wellbeing!




Thursdays 20:00 - 22:00


Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre

Lytton Way




For more info call Gareth 

07933 233606

or email





Described by the editor of Black Belt Magazine as "one of the most effective fighting systems on the planet".


Develop real, practical & effective self-defence skills!


Holistically strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Forge a functional, supple, adaptable body.


Promote and enhance mobility.

Improve posture, stability, balance, agility and co-ordination.


Remove tension from the body & psyche. Relax and de-stress!


Improve confidence and ability to work under pressure.


Train with us in a fun and friendly environment!



Other local Systema classes


Stevenage Mondays 20:00-22:00

Call Jon Hunter on 07788 536696


Bedford Wednesday evenings

with Rob Poyton more info here 




There are three different options for payment for our classes:

Regular classes are £10 per session

or £30 per month for one session a week


Minimum age for training with us is 18

Private Tuition


Private tuition is available at the rate of £40 for 40 minutes

or £50 for an hour and twenty minutes.


Why not bring some friends?! Small group tuition is available - in which case the cost may be shared by up to 4 people.


Private sessions are a great way to fast-track your learning and can be tailored to your requirements; we can cover any aspects of Systema, from combat to health & wellness.


For more info call Gareth on 07933 233606 or email



Training in Systema is very different to training in many of the traditional or sports based martial arts. Instead of standing in lines repeating movements, learning sets, katas or a series of complicated techniques, learning Systema centres around exploring and understanding a set of simple yet profound principles.


The class is friendly and fun but focused, there are no egos, no hierarchy, no cliques, everyone works together in an environment of mutual respect. To facilitate fast learning the principles are learnt through a series of explorative drills, exercises and free play, each drill targeted at teaching a particular lesson, developing efficient movement or conveying a particular skill. You will work to remove excess tension from your body and psysche, leaving you freer to act instinctively and decisively and also greatly improving your ability to deal with general stress, pressure, fear and anxiety.


The training can range greatly in intensity from breathwork, stretching, softwork, movement and mobility to more physically and psychologically challenging drills, exercises and freeplay – everyone works within their own boundaries to positively challenge themselves, for the most part the idea is not to compete with your training partners, but to train together in a way that is mutually beneficial.


The nature of the training helps you to develop freedom of movement, spontaneity and creative free thinking. Through the drills you will cultivate your own personal understanding of the principles, this allows for unique freedom and flexibility in application, your responses will very quickly become instinctive, intuitive, effective and appropriate to the situation.  


Training with us holistically covers combat, health and wellbeing.


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