Worked in militia in RF Ministry of Interior Security Department, trained the Minister’s security guards. Advisor for RF Minister of Justice. Deputy Head of RF Ministry of Interior Management Department, fulfilled personal commissions of RF Ministry of Interior Security Department. Senior Public Prosecutor in Organisational and Inspectoral Department of RF General Prosecutor Office. Assistant to RF General Prosecutor. During 10 years served in special units, participated in military actions, hostage release operations, worked as instructor in centre for operative and technical training of special task unit. Veteran of military actions and veteran of labour. Has national awards from RF President, Minister of Interior. Awarded with personalised name arms by Minister of Justice Y.Chaika.




Director and Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters.
Born in Russia, Vladimir received intense combative training and is the top student of Mikhail Ryabko. Vladimir has also received "The Order of Duty and Honor" and other medals and awards. Vladimir moved to Canada, and in 1993 founded the first school of Russian Martial Art outside Russia - Systema Headquarters. He has since personally trained and certified well over 500 qualified Russian Martial Art Systema instructors and over 200 schools in 30 countries worldwide, and has provided an Award-Winning instructional film collection.


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