We regularly get feedback on the quality of training, it's usefulness in application and the positive impact it has had on the lives of those training with us. The things that come up time and time again are the difference it has made to people's ability to relax and deal with stress, it's effectiveness when applied to self-defence and the positive and friendly, inclusive nature of the group.




The simple truth is to deal with fear you need to relax. Systema has unique breathing methods to help you remain calm and deal with your fear. I highly recommend Systema for self-defence!


Don Barrett

ex Special Forces soldier


Great training, great bunch of guys, no egos! Always different and always fun.


Jon Hunter


I have practised and taught Chinese Martial Arts for a long time. When I decided to study Systema I found I was amazed by how simple and profound the physical, mental and breathwork exercises were. I am still continually amazed by the breadth and depth of the material taught in class.


Mir Ali Acupuncturist

This clip is a testimonial in it's self...

It shows just how much difference only one and a half hours training with us can make to your ability to defend yourself!


Really surprised by how helpful and friendly everyone was. Great environment to train in!




Systema helps you to become yourself.


Nick Lorrimer   


It's transformational!


                      Ian C

I have been training in martial arts for over 20 years. I am a Thai Boxing instructor and trained in Five Ancestors Kung Fu. I have had British title fights and club fights. Systema is a complete system that helps develop all areas of you as a person. Systema helped me in a real life situation when a group of people tried to overpower me. All I'll say is Systema really works! Hand on heart no other martial art I have practised comes close.


J Crichlow

I have been working in the Sport & Leisure Industry for over 15 years. I have a wide range of related qualifications and am an experienced Personal Trainer.


Systema has a healthy approach to training strengthening the paticipant both physically and mentally without damaging them, The training covers all areas of fitness and has made me re-evaluate my perspective on this subject.


I have trained in a number of martial arts over the years but have found Systema to be the most open, honest and effective method. Systema has answered all my questions and has ticked all the boxes so far!


Chris W Personal Trainer 


Can't believe the difference in how I feel after just one month - starting Systema is the best thing I've ever done!


And read what Martin has to say after a year of training here....


Martin W

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